#31 Benjamin / 22 / Huntington

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about West Virginia?

Appalachia in general is behind in the world on everything, not just technology but ethnics and our methodology I mean we just got a skatepark and we’re the second biggest city in the state.¬†

What do you think are the positives about living in WV?

It’s one of the best places to grow up I think. You go to Cincinnati or something and the drivers are just very inconsiderate, you can’t get around anywhere and people are really reluctant to do any small favors or anything as far as strangers and whatnot go but people are pretty friendly around here no matter who you are just about.

What do you think are the negatives about living in WV?

Pretty much just being behind on everything you know.

Do you have a favorite place in WV?

Well there’s the rock in Barboursville it’s just uh…follow this path it takes you up to a big rock, that’s why they call it the rock, it overlooks a large portion of Barboursville…it’s just a cool place to go but Riverfront is a pretty good place go to now that we have a skatepark, I would never come here unless rib fest otherwise.

What would you like to see happen for the future of WV?

Well just be up to speed on everything like technology and there’s a lot of things…I spent a summer in Logan, Utah in northern Utah, no one’s ever heard of Logan, Utah but they have everything and from where my grandparents stayed I could skate to the skatepark and right next to the skatepark they have a waterpark almost attached to it. WV has nothing like that, not that everyone things that way you know – put a waterpark next to a skatepark, not everyone in power thinks to do that but you just go anywhere else and pretty much there’s no home sickness just about.

Do you go to Marshall?

Yes I do.

Do you plan on staying here after you graduate?

I plan on leaving the country whenever I graduate, I might stay around to get my masters, probably won’t do that at Marshall but yeah i’m in a five year program right now so I really just want to get out of West Virginia.

What are you studying?

Mechanical engineering, I want to get into automotive design.

And there’s not much future in WV for automotive design.


It's hot out here at the park but Ben puts in work anyway.
It’s hot out here at the park but Ben puts in work anyway.